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2015 Report of Activities of Spirit of Faith Lutheran Community Church- Apodaca, Nuevo Leon

Dear Friends and partners in ministry,

What a joy to be able to serve God and his people in our capacity. We see God’s hand on every thing we do and say. There is a great joy serving him in Missions. Our hearts are full of joy as we share the good news of salvation in our area.

Last month was a month full of activities in our Spirit of Faith congregation. Our last days in December we celebrated fully the Birth of our Lord at Spirit of Faith. Lots of color, joy, food and a great amount of the Spirit were present in our lives. Our congregation is vibrant with lots of young adults and teenagers. They are always ready to serve. Now they are getting ready to jump into the New Year and start serving the community. The first activity they will do is to feed the hungry at the Hospitals. Usually hospitals have hundreds of poor people on the waiting rooms and on the street waiting to see their patients. They hardly eat and we will go and try to meet a need there. Then, as we advance on the year they will find different activities to evangelize other youth and bring them to Christ and help them to maintain their relationship with God.

The same way our adults will celebrate different gatherings to reach out and bring others to Christ. Spirit of Faith is a hard working congregation and they have the desire to serve the community so they may see that Jesus is in our hearts.


  • Feeding the Hungry at Hospitals. We visit hospitals and feed the people whose patients are admitted but they have to wait outside for days.
  • We celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. This is a great opportunity for the church to show friendship and love.
  • A Spring Retreat in Rio Bravo Mexico. Together with the other MMI congregations, we celebrate a 3-day retreat during April.
  • Vacation Bible School. Usually we minister to more than 80 children from the community with the gospel. Some congregations help us with the materials.
  • Summer Retreat “CLEFEST”. The youth are getting ready to celebrate a summer gathering for teens and young adults with great music and activities.
  • Outreach gatherings for Adults. At least once a year we have some kind of a Dinner-Conference for Adults and share the Gospel with them.
  • Bible Studies for discipleship. There is a group of about 10 to 12 people who are being trained to serve in different capacities in the church.
  • Independence day celebration. We celebrate our culture, specially for the freedom we have to practice Christianity in Mexico.
  • Reformation Day Fair. Being Lutheran we try to witness to the community celebrating Reformation Day.
  • Christmas celebrations for youth. Great Joy and celebration during Christmas among our youth Church
  • Christmas Celebration for the Church. The Church throws a great party celebrating Jesus Birth every year. Lots of drama, food, piñatas, candy and gifts.
  • Our Youth meets every Saturday and they will be studying our Faith through the Apostles Creed. They are a group of no less that 17 kids of different ages.
  • On Sundays
  • Our Church pray every single Tuesday for the needs of the people of God and keep track of the prayers. We see great miracles happening as we pray.

As you see we have a vibrant congregation, willing to serve Christ in many ways. They do everything with a great SPIRIT OF FAITH.

Pastor Enrique Estrada

2015 Report of Activities Spirit of Joy Lutheran Community Church- Ciudad Guadalupe Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Spirit of Joy is a small congregation conformed mainly by Teens and University kids and a few adults. God has blessed us with a group of young adults who meet every Saturday night. They have been in the church for the last 6 or 7 years. Most of them came into the church as teenagers. Now they are looking with hope into the future in order to become what God wants them to become. They are studying the scriptures and thriving to be faithful to God in the midst of this falling world. The main leader for the youth at Joy is Jesus Galindo. He is a very bright man and at the same time very committed to Christ and sensitive to his Spirit.

Spirit of Joy also is active in many areas like:

  • Weekly Bible Study. A group of no more than 10 people gathers every week to grow in their faith and in the knowledge of scriptures
  • Weekly youth gathering. They see different subjects related to their age and situations. Most of our youth are of Catholic descent with not much knowledge of a relation with Christ.
  • Weekly worship
  • Valentine’s Day Celebration. We try to teach our people to love accordingly to the love of God
  • Spring Retreat. On this retreat we help our people to go deeper in their relationship with God.
  • Summer visit to a Foster home or a Nursing Home. We are trying to teach our kids to leave their comfort zone and go and meet the needs of the ones who suffer and have no one to love them.
  • A monthly youth gathering with Spirit of Faith. The intention of our Youth leaders is that they may find ways of cooperation to work together as one church.
  • VBS with an attendance of no less than 90 children. Thru VBS we are bringing the Gospel to different kids in our community. We find out that many of the adults who attend our congregations were impacted by VBS when they were children.
  • Independence day celebration
  • Reformation Day celebration
  • Christmas for the Youth
  • Christmas with the whole Church. This is the time of the year that we invite every one we know and others to come and celebrate with us the Birth of Christ.

Most of our activities are geared to bring new people to Christ and to the church.

Pastor Enrique Estrada

Thank you!

Gracias a dios hoy pudimos comprar estas 23 sillas. Dios devuelva las bendiciones a la iglesias que dono para ello conforme a sus riquezas en gloria, bendiciones.

Pastor Victor

Thank God today we could buy these 23 chairs. God’s blessings to return churches dono for it according to his riches in glory, blessings

Greetings and Blessings from Good Shepherd- Reporte de Enero 2015

Amados Hermanos

En El Pasado Mes De Diciembre Estuvimos Teniendo Nuestras Cotidianas Reuniones Los Miercoles A Las 7:00 Pm Y Los Domingos A Las 10:00 Am Cantando, Predicando Y Comparetiendo La Cena Del Señor, Nuestras Actividad Grande Fue La Fiesta Navideña En La Cual Estuvimos Celebrando Con Toda La Comunidad Anunciandoceles El Nacimiento De Jesucristo Y Al Final Una Rica Cena Que Se Logro Con La Donacion De Cada Miembro De La Iglesia, Tambien Rifamos Una Gran Despensa Que Juntamos Todos Los Meses Pero Que En Esta Ocacion Decidimos Sortear Entre Los Invitados, Tambien Fue Presentado Un Pequeño Drama Que Lucy Preparo Para Los Invitados.

En Este Año Nuestras Vision Consiste E Basicamente En Dos Cosas Crecimiento Y Adquirir Sillas Y Mesas Que Tanta Falta Hacen Para Las Actividades Ayer Recibi La Noticia Que Una Iglesia En Wisconsin Nos A Donado 300 Dlls Y Al Preguntarme Para Que Los Usariamos Les Conteste Que En Silla El Objetivo Es Comprar Aproximadamente 20 Sillas Con Este Dinero Pero Aun Nos Faltarian Alrededor De Otras 20 Sillas Y 4 Mesas, Con La Ayuda De Dios. En Cuanto A La Vision De Crecimiento Espiritual Enseñar A La Congrgacion Y La Comunidada Compartir En Conjunto La Salvacion Que Nuestro Señor Nos A Enseñado Atravez De Su Palabra Rogamos A Dios De Sabiduria Pues En Mexico La Gente Tiende A Llenarse De Religion Y No Del El Espiritu Santo De Dios.

Uno De Los Testimonios De Este Año Fue El Repeto Que Hemos Ganado Gracias A Dios Y Como La Gente A Aprendido A Ver Nuestra Iglesia Como Un Lugar De Consuelo A Sus Vidas Cansadas Pues Han Aprendido Que Dios Nos Envio A Servir A Todos Aquellos Que Tengan Necesidad De El, Esperamos En Dios Que Nos De Gracias Y Poder Traerlos A Sus Pies.

Una De Las Peticiones Que Quisiera Exponerles Es El Terreno Que Tenemos Pues Quisieramos Iniciar Reuniones En Las Proximas Escuelas Biblicas De Vacaciones Esperamos En Dios Que Provea Los Medios Para La Fundacion De Su Obra.

Saludos Y Bendiciones

Pastor Victor

Beloved Brothers

In last December we stayed Taking Our daily meetings on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm and Sundays at 10:00 am singing, preaching and Comparetiendo the Lord’s Supper, Our Activity great was the Christmas party in which we celebrated With all the Community Anunciandoceles the birth of Christ and end a delicious dinner that was achieved with the donation of each member of the Church, also raffled a large pantry we get together every month but in this occasion decided to draw between guests, also It was introduced a little drama Lucy I prepare for guests.

In This Year Our vision is basically two things E Growth and acquire chairs and tables that are so badly needed for activities yesterday received the news that a church in Wisconsin us Donado 300 Dlls And by asking so that we would use them replied that On Chair The goal is to buy approximately 20 chairs with this money but still we would lack around other 20 chairs and 4 tables with the help of God. As for Spiritual Growth Vision teach Congrgacion And Comunidada Share On Set the salvation our Lord has taught us right through His Word pray to God with wisdom because in Mexico people tend to be filled with religion and not from the Spirit Holy One of God.

One of the testimonies of this year was the Repeto that we won thanks to God and how people learned to see our church as a place of comfort to your tired lives as we have learned that God sent serve all those who are in need Him, hope in God to give us graces and power to bring them to their feet.

One of the requests I would like to expose is the land we have as we would like initiate meetings in the coming Vacation Bible Schools hope in God to provide the means for the foundation of his work.

Greetings And Blessings

Greetings and Blessings from Family of God- Reporte de Enero 2015

Dear brothers in faith, friends, churches, ministries and all who support us in different ways and to members of the board of MMI greetings and blessings from my family and our congregation “Lutheran Community Family of God” in Zapopan Jalisco .

In this letter I share our testimonies of the move of God in our ministry here in Mexico, our needs and some of our projects.

With God’s help in early February of 2015 we will move from home.

The new house we found and in which we live is in a popular neighborhood, near a school, an elementary and high school. The fluidity of people are many. This area is where more presence of young people who are dedicated to skateboarding gangs, take drugs, drink liquor, stealing and all sorts of excesses. It is a hard place and a little dangerous. However we believe that is where it is most needed to Christ.

It is a place where they are building a new subdivision, where we now live which is very close to where we live, live more than 2800 families. These 2800 more people in the area where we will add more than 8,000 people. This means many people you talk to the message of salvation, hope and love of God.

It has been difficult to rent this new house, it is more expensive than they currently live, plus our church is very new, very small and without economic resources. The price is 3,500 pesos per month. (Like $ 300). To get this we need to rent 7000 pesos (about $ 600). 3500 pesos ($ 300) for the month of deposit and 3500 pesos ($ 300) the first month. However although difficult have seen the hand of God in this need.

God placed in the heart of the homeowner ask us 1000 pesos ($ 100) for not announcing it away so that we could stay with her, but on condition that we take the next day the money, we by faith we said figuring him 1000 pesos ($ 100), and that same day in the evening a person less imagine that might help, as their economic needs are many, spoke to me and said, “John, God put in my heart ofrendar 1000 pesos ($ 100) for your Church, God has given me a good job and I know it is because you have been praying for me. ”

For us it was a miracle, because we had told the owner that the next day would give 1,000 pesos and God honored our faith in him.

On the second day after giving the first 1,000 pesos ($ 100) Two more people, we got another 1,000 pesos ($ 100) and we rejoice in the way God was acting and took them to the owner of the house. And to keep marveling at God’s move on the third day someone gave us 600 pesos ($ 60). We believe that God will supply the missing 4400 pesos ($ 375) according to his riches in glory and through his people.

We ask for your prayers for this new place that we go to live and be our house church, that God may open new doors to preach Christ and reach many souls for His glory. God also protects and free from all religious opposition and the machinations of evil people and the devil’s schemes us. Your prayer support is very important as well as other ways to do it.

God be with each of you and pour abundant blessings to their families, their work and their ministries.

Pastor Juan Vazquez.