2015 Report of Activities of Spirit of Faith Lutheran Community Church- Apodaca, Nuevo Leon

Dear Friends and partners in ministry,

What a joy to be able to serve God and his people in our capacity. We see God’s hand on every thing we do and say. There is a great joy serving him in Missions. Our hearts are full of joy as we share the good news of salvation in our area.

Last month was a month full of activities in our Spirit of Faith congregation. Our last days in December we celebrated fully the Birth of our Lord at Spirit of Faith. Lots of color, joy, food and a great amount of the Spirit were present in our lives. Our congregation is vibrant with lots of young adults and teenagers. They are always ready to serve. Now they are getting ready to jump into the New Year and start serving the community. The first activity they will do is to feed the hungry at the Hospitals. Usually hospitals have hundreds of poor people on the waiting rooms and on the street waiting to see their patients. They hardly eat and we will go and try to meet a need there. Then, as we advance on the year they will find different activities to evangelize other youth and bring them to Christ and help them to maintain their relationship with God.

The same way our adults will celebrate different gatherings to reach out and bring others to Christ. Spirit of Faith is a hard working congregation and they have the desire to serve the community so they may see that Jesus is in our hearts.


  • Feeding the Hungry at Hospitals. We visit hospitals and feed the people whose patients are admitted but they have to wait outside for days.
  • We celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. This is a great opportunity for the church to show friendship and love.
  • A Spring Retreat in Rio Bravo Mexico. Together with the other MMI congregations, we celebrate a 3-day retreat during April.
  • Vacation Bible School. Usually we minister to more than 80 children from the community with the gospel. Some congregations help us with the materials.
  • Summer Retreat “CLEFEST”. The youth are getting ready to celebrate a summer gathering for teens and young adults with great music and activities.
  • Outreach gatherings for Adults. At least once a year we have some kind of a Dinner-Conference for Adults and share the Gospel with them.
  • Bible Studies for discipleship. There is a group of about 10 to 12 people who are being trained to serve in different capacities in the church.
  • Independence day celebration. We celebrate our culture, specially for the freedom we have to practice Christianity in Mexico.
  • Reformation Day Fair. Being Lutheran we try to witness to the community celebrating Reformation Day.
  • Christmas celebrations for youth. Great Joy and celebration during Christmas among our youth Church
  • Christmas Celebration for the Church. The Church throws a great party celebrating Jesus Birth every year. Lots of drama, food, piñatas, candy and gifts.
  • Our Youth meets every Saturday and they will be studying our Faith through the Apostles Creed. They are a group of no less that 17 kids of different ages.
  • On Sundays
  • Our Church pray every single Tuesday for the needs of the people of God and keep track of the prayers. We see great miracles happening as we pray.

As you see we have a vibrant congregation, willing to serve Christ in many ways. They do everything with a great SPIRIT OF FAITH.

Pastor Enrique Estrada

About Mission Mexico International

Established in 1991, Mission Mexico International (MMI) is a Lutheran ministry born out of a vision from a Lutheran Pastor in Mexico, Enrique Estrada, and Community Church of Joy, Phoenix, AZ. It has since grown to four congregations serving Monterrey, nearby suburbs and the border areas of Northeast Mexico.

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