2015 Report of Activities Spirit of Joy Lutheran Community Church- Ciudad Guadalupe Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Spirit of Joy is a small congregation conformed mainly by Teens and University kids and a few adults. God has blessed us with a group of young adults who meet every Saturday night. They have been in the church for the last 6 or 7 years. Most of them came into the church as teenagers. Now they are looking with hope into the future in order to become what God wants them to become. They are studying the scriptures and thriving to be faithful to God in the midst of this falling world. The main leader for the youth at Joy is Jesus Galindo. He is a very bright man and at the same time very committed to Christ and sensitive to his Spirit.

Spirit of Joy also is active in many areas like:

  • Weekly Bible Study. A group of no more than 10 people gathers every week to grow in their faith and in the knowledge of scriptures
  • Weekly youth gathering. They see different subjects related to their age and situations. Most of our youth are of Catholic descent with not much knowledge of a relation with Christ.
  • Weekly worship
  • Valentine’s Day Celebration. We try to teach our people to love accordingly to the love of God
  • Spring Retreat. On this retreat we help our people to go deeper in their relationship with God.
  • Summer visit to a Foster home or a Nursing Home. We are trying to teach our kids to leave their comfort zone and go and meet the needs of the ones who suffer and have no one to love them.
  • A monthly youth gathering with Spirit of Faith. The intention of our Youth leaders is that they may find ways of cooperation to work together as one church.
  • VBS with an attendance of no less than 90 children. Thru VBS we are bringing the Gospel to different kids in our community. We find out that many of the adults who attend our congregations were impacted by VBS when they were children.
  • Independence day celebration
  • Reformation Day celebration
  • Christmas for the Youth
  • Christmas with the whole Church. This is the time of the year that we invite every one we know and others to come and celebrate with us the Birth of Christ.

Most of our activities are geared to bring new people to Christ and to the church.

Pastor Enrique Estrada

About Mission Mexico International

Established in 1991, Mission Mexico International (MMI) is a Lutheran ministry born out of a vision from a Lutheran Pastor in Mexico, Enrique Estrada, and Community Church of Joy, Phoenix, AZ. It has since grown to four congregations serving Monterrey, nearby suburbs and the border areas of Northeast Mexico.

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