Pastor Enrique visits Family of God Lutheran Church in Zapopan, Jalisco

I had the privilege of visiting the incipient congregation in Guadalajara area. I spent 8 days among them. Pastor Juan Vazquez and his family are doing an outstanding job reaching out to people whose hearts are broken. I was able to listen to their testimonies and I was moved to tears for the great work God is doing in the hearts of those people. During my time there I was able to installed Juan Vazquez as the Pastor of that community and had an special celebration. Several people attended the gathering for such a purpose.

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At the same time I was able to celebrate my birthday with Juan’s family at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Zapopan. The whole trip was great blessing for me, our pastoral family and for the Family of God Lutheran Church. The establishment of this new group is a response to the call we have to start 1000 congregations in ten years.

About Mission Mexico International

Established in 1991, Mission Mexico International (MMI) is a Lutheran ministry born out of a vision from a Lutheran Pastor in Mexico, Enrique Estrada, and Community Church of Joy, Phoenix, AZ. It has since grown to four congregations serving Monterrey, nearby suburbs and the border areas of Northeast Mexico.

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