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April Update from Good Shepherd

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Esta mes como todos los meses hemos realizado nuestras reuniones habituales los miercoles a 7pm y los domingos 10am.   Este mes celebramos los dias santos con una reunion especial el viernes a las 7pm, el domingo de ramos y el domingo resurreccion de  nuestro señor, el señor a acercado a dos personas a la iglesia y esta sufriendo los estragos de la delincuencia en mexico pues su hijo mayor a desaparecido y no sabe nada de el ruego de sus oraciones pues nada la consuela y se encuentra muy deseperada y la otra tiene su catolicismo muy arraigado pero confiamos en dios cambien sus costubres y adoracio a el, tambien celebramos el cumpleaños de doña lupe una miembro de la iglesia que se congrega desde la fundacion de la iglesia y a la llegada de nosotros a rio bravo nos a arropado y se a mantenido firme aun en los momentos dificiles gracias a dios por la vida de doña lupe. Y las peticion es que sigan orando por nuestro pais pues creo que la la voluntad de dios se cimplira ta mbien quiero poner en oracion el deseo de poner el piso de la entrada pues cuando llueve que esteos meses a sido mucho se nos dificulta mucho el salir.

Este es el pozo que les comento que le quiero hechar cemento y pues ya sabran cuando llueve y la otra foto es de las despensas que gracias a dios juntamos y obsequiamos a esta y a otra persona

Bendiciones Pastor Vic.

This month and every month we performed our regular meetings on Wednesdays at 7pm and 10:00 a.m. Sunday. This month we celebrate the holy days with a special meeting on Friday at 7pm, on Palm Sunday and Sunday resurrection of our lord, the lord I approached two people to the church and is suffering the ravages of crime in Mexico because its more than disappeared and knows nothing of the request prayers for nothing comforts and is very deseperada and the other has his deeply rooted Catholicism but we trust in God and change their costubres Adoració to it, also celebrating son’s birthday Dona Lupe one church member who flock from the foundation of the church and the arrival of rio bravo us and clothed us to firmly maintained even in the difficult moments thanks to God for the life of Dona Lupe. And the request is to keep praying for our country because I believe that God’s will ta cimplira lso I put in prayer the desire to put the entrance floor for when it rains esteos months been much to us very difficult getting out. 

This is the well that you want to tell them that’s take cement and then we will know when it rains and the other photo is of the pantries thank god together and are giving you this and another person.

Celebrating Easter at Spirit of Joy and Spirit of Faith

Holy week was a very intense time for our ministry in the Monterrey area.  We celebrated three special services.

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On Thursday we had a candlelight service which was well attended by our people.  That evening we were together for an awesome time of fellowship.

On Friday we had The Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross.  Another great opportunity to exalt Jesus.  It was an interactive service and a lot of members from the congregation participated.

On Sunday at 7:00 AM, challenged by the savings time hour change, we came to church and celebrated Jesus’ resurrection.  Full of power, full of Grace and full of Glory Jesus came out of the dead and He brought us to life!

From there we went to the country and had a blast by a swimming pool.  We ate together there and played games the whole day.

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What fantastic days of celebration and joy for our MMI-LCMC people in Monterrey!  Now to rest a bit to continue tonight with our next activity!

Blessings to our readers!  May the Rays of the Sun of Justice shine upon you always.

Christ is Risen!  Alleluia!

Pastor Enrique