Prayers requested from Pastor Victor


En esta semana fuimos a entregar la despensa que recolectamos junto con la congragación a esta familia que viven una situación muy difícil pues ella se recupera de una cirugía en la que su esposo por estar al pendiente de ella en hospital perdió su empleo les pido que primeramnete oren por ellos y por todas sus necesidades, Dios les bendiga

This week we went to deliver the pantry we gather together with the congregation to this family living a very difficult situation because she is recovering from a surgery that her husband be aware of it in hospital lost his job ask that  pray for them and for all their needs, God bless

About Mission Mexico International

Established in 1991, Mission Mexico International (MMI) is a Lutheran ministry born out of a vision from a Lutheran Pastor in Mexico, Enrique Estrada, and Community Church of Joy, Phoenix, AZ. It has since grown to four congregations serving Monterrey, nearby suburbs and the border areas of Northeast Mexico.

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