Monthly Archives: September 2015

September Update from Spirit of Faith

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This past Sunday we celebrated a baptism.  There were more than a hundred people attending it.  It is a joy to be able to express our faith and our doctrine.  Lots of joy and lots of fellowship.  Our newest member is Camila Esmeralda.

September Update from Good Shepherd

Dios les bendiga queridos hermanos pues este mes creo que es difícil para nuestra iglesia pues algunos miembros han sido quebrantados en su Fe. El pecado ha hecho mucho mal en nuestro país. Pues desvía  a las personas con toda tentación. Aun así creemos y seguiremos poniendo nuestras esperanzas en Cristo Jesús pues el poder de Dios es inmensurables y no hay quien pueda sostenerle y rogamos a Dios que guarde a su pueblo de todas acechanza del pecado. Les pedimos sigan orando por el trabajo en rio bravo pues nosotros no nos detendremos y seguiremos diciendo a la gente que Cristo salva y que solo en el tenemos redención.  Ahora nuestras reuniones serán los miércoles a las 7pm y domingos seis pm.

Dios les bendiga,  Pastor Vic

God bless you dear brothers because this month I think it is difficult for our church as some members have been broken in their faith.  Sin has done much harm to our country. It diverts people with every temptation. Still we believe and will continue putting our hopes in Jesus Christ as God’s power is immeasurable and no one can hold you and pray to God to save his people from all stalking of sin. We ask you to continue praying for work in rough river because we will not stop and will continue telling Christ saves people and only in Him we have redemption. Now our meetings are on Wednesdays at 7pm and six p.m. Sunday.

God bless you,  Pastor Vic

Spirit of Faith Celebrates Independence Day

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September 16 is the day we celebrate our independence in Mexico. Last night we gathered together and had a service. What we celebrate is the freedom we have to exalt the name of our Lord. People dressed with the colors of our flag. Also we had a meal with lots of Mexican style dishes like tacos, enchiladas, gorditas with different fillings and different sauces. It was a great night. Thank God for our freedom.