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September Update from Spirit of Faith

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This past Sunday we celebrated a baptism.  There were more than a hundred people attending it.  It is a joy to be able to express our faith and our doctrine.  Lots of joy and lots of fellowship.  Our newest member is Camila Esmeralda.

Spirit of Faith Celebrates Independence Day

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September 16 is the day we celebrate our independence in Mexico. Last night we gathered together and had a service. What we celebrate is the freedom we have to exalt the name of our Lord. People dressed with the colors of our flag. Also we had a meal with lots of Mexican style dishes like tacos, enchiladas, gorditas with different fillings and different sauces. It was a great night. Thank God for our freedom.

Mother’s Day at Spirit of Faith

On May 17 Spirit of Faith celebrated Mothers.  The reason was so we could give an opportunity to families to celebrate their mothers on the 10th of May.  In Mexico, Mothers are celebrated invariably on the 10th of this month.  We had a beautiful service honoring them and a delicious meal for the whole congregation.

Spirit of Faith-Children’s Day!

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Yesterday we celebrated Children’s day at Spirit of Faith. The youth organization from our congregation together with the adults and Pastor Enrique decided to put up a program that included games, food, gifts and candy to give a chance to all of our children to celebrate their day. We showed them our love and appreciation and how important they are to Christ. I am very proud of our Teens and young adults who prepare such a celebration.

Celebrating Easter at Spirit of Joy and Spirit of Faith

Holy week was a very intense time for our ministry in the Monterrey area.  We celebrated three special services.

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On Thursday we had a candlelight service which was well attended by our people.  That evening we were together for an awesome time of fellowship.

On Friday we had The Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross.  Another great opportunity to exalt Jesus.  It was an interactive service and a lot of members from the congregation participated.

On Sunday at 7:00 AM, challenged by the savings time hour change, we came to church and celebrated Jesus’ resurrection.  Full of power, full of Grace and full of Glory Jesus came out of the dead and He brought us to life!

From there we went to the country and had a blast by a swimming pool.  We ate together there and played games the whole day.

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What fantastic days of celebration and joy for our MMI-LCMC people in Monterrey!  Now to rest a bit to continue tonight with our next activity!

Blessings to our readers!  May the Rays of the Sun of Justice shine upon you always.

Christ is Risen!  Alleluia!

Pastor Enrique

Prayers Requested


Maria Eneida Flores has been a pillar at Spirit of Faith Lutheran Church in the city of Apodaca.  many people have come to the Lord due to her witnessing.  Along the years Eneida has suffered different sicknesses cancer related.  Right now she is fighting Parkinsons and Menier’s Syndrome at the same time.  In addition to that she has a 41 year old girl with Down’s Syndrome who depends on her.  But, now she came out with a tumor on her left optical area.  She went through surgery today and she came out as a conqueror saying “Oh how Jesus loves me!”.  We ask you to pray for someone who serves Christ unconditionally.  May the Lord bless Doña Ene as we know her.

Children of God


Max Loera is a teenager who starting attending the church just because he liked a girl.  It has been 2 years since he broke up with the girl but instead he fell in love with Jesus.  He is the only one in his family loving the Lord.  He attends Spirit of Faith and plays guitar at Spirit of Joy.  Please pray that this kid may continue as faithful so he may become one of our future leaders of the church in Mexico.

This child is one of our members.  His name is Iker Garza.  He is just an adorable child.  Every time that I am speaking the pays lots of attention.

They are truly children of God


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Two of our friends, Erran Miller and Mark Morrison, from Church of the Living Word in Hampton, Iowa came to visit us after seven years of absence.  They decided to come in spite of the warning not to visit Mexico.  We celebrated lots of time together with our youth and adults, worshiped together and had an awesome time together.  Our friendship is deeper now.  We are blessed.

Pastor Enrique

Spirit of Faith-St. Valentine’s Day Celebration

We had a great evening with our youth!  There was some reaching concerning love from the Christian point of view, karaoke, little gifts for everyone, lots of fun and even a marriage proposal of two of our members!

Spirit of Faith Youth

Our youth at Spirit of Faith are visiting hospitals to feed the hungry and share the Gospel.  They collected money and made sandwiches and distributed some materials to introduce Christ.  it was raining and we were not allowed to approach the door, but people came and formed a line and we gave them food.  Also many of them share the suffering their loved ones are going through so we prayed we them.  God loves people through our youth.

It was dark and cold, But that did not stop them!  Their task was fulfilled!