Good Shepherd

Spreading the Gospel in Rio Bravo

In 2000 Pastor Victor Barbosa and his family arrived in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico, two hours northeast of Monterrey, to start a Lutheran ministry in an abandoned and deteriorated building.

Good Shepherd was established in 2006.  Pastor Victor, his wife Lucy and daughter, Adrian, were raised up from within MMI’s ministry to become the shepherding family for this congregation.  Initial funding and current operating budget for this ministry comes directly from 3 LCMC congregations in Wisconsin.  The spreading of the Gospel in Rio Bravo is our primary task and we know we have impacted the lives of a few!  Today we have 35 people, including children!  We know many more people will be a part of this ministry in the future.

We are excited for the ministry opportunities that will take place in the Rio Bravo area under the leadership of Barbosa’s.

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We ask that you pray for us and our ministry here as we press on to fulfill God’s plan for us in our community!

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