Spirit of Joy

A new and fresh approach to Christianity with a Lutheran Tradition

Spirit of Joy Lutheran Community Church was MMI’s first congregation established in Monterrey by Pastor Enrique Estrada.  Spirit of Joy is the foundation for a new and fresh approach of Christianity with a Lutheran tradition in Mexico.  God placed the desire in Enrique’s heart to reach out to the lost not just with a tradition but with the power of the Spirit so people may become Christians with a Lutheran identity.  It has been an interesting journey, and after all these years we believe we have succeeded.  Not necessarily because of our numbers, but because we have proved that it can be done, and from now on that will be the model to follow.

Pastor Enrique was initially trained to be an educator in Mexico.  Later he studied at the University of Houston and University of Texas, Austin (hook ’em Horns!).  Graduating from Wartburg Seminary in 1985, he pastored a congregation was was director of a Bible Institute in Saltillo.

In addition to MMI Enrique has been actively involved with Lutheran Border Concerns Ministries for a number of years and serves on their board.  In 2003, MMI became a part of Lutheran Congregation in Mission for Christ (LCMC).  In 2012, Enrique was elected to the LCMC Board of Trustees as the Area 7 Representative.

Follow Pastor Enrique on Facebook! Follow Pastor Enrique on Facebook!

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Please continue to pray for Pastor Enrique and the people of Spirit of Joy!

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