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Spirit of Faith Celebrates Independence Day

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September 16 is the day we celebrate our independence in Mexico. Last night we gathered together and had a service. What we celebrate is the freedom we have to exalt the name of our Lord. People dressed with the colors of our flag. Also we had a meal with lots of Mexican style dishes like tacos, enchiladas, gorditas with different fillings and different sauces. It was a great night. Thank God for our freedom.

A New Embryo Has Been Fertilized!

A new congregation will be born. The power of the Holy Spirit is at work in Allende Nuevo León, just an hour away south of Monterrey.

Spirit of Truth Lutheran Church is in the process of being developed. God is leading us. There have been conversations between Oscar Beltran and myself concerning the need of establishing a Lutheran ministry in Allende. Oscar has the heart and love to reach out to people whose lives are in need of God’s redeeming intervention. Oscar and his wife Gaby and their two little kids are excited about it. Oscar is from Allende and lives in Allende. He is an expert in computers, setting any kind of alarms and also has a little shop to fix cellulars and computers and also sells different kinds of cell accessories.

Oscar has been a member of Spirit of Joy for more than 8 years and lives in that particular city. He studies the Scriptures, books related to the ministry and the Lord’s work. He is very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and has been my disciple for many years. Now we feel it is the time for him to start reaching out in his community and engage people into our Lutheran ministry.
Our Pastoral Family. Oscar, Gaby, Gianella and Dania, the youngest
Pray for this project as we develop it.
Pastor Enrique

MMI Summer News


Dear MMI friends. Receive my greetings and the greeting of our congregations as we prepare ourselves to start our Summer activities. Our pastors and their teams will start VBS this days. All the materials have been sent to Rio Bravo and Zapopan.

At the same time Pastor Enrique will be traveling to Minneapolis Area for a few days. He will attend the Board of Trustees meeting. Then he will spend a few days visiting friends and churches. As he travels back, he will attend the Texas District Convention. He will be a keynote Speaker and have a breakout. Then he will move on to Monterrey.
I am so honored to participate in gatherings or meetings that exalt Jesus and his kingdom. Please pray for me as I travel.

30th Celebration of Pastor Enrique Estrada’s Ordination

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On June 28th I celebrated 30 years of serving God as an ordained minister.  They have been years of a great deal of experiences of success and challenges. Thank God I can rejoice in the outcome. After many days of preparations the gathering took place. I had visitors from several places from the metro area and beyond. Our main messenger for the night was Pastor Tom Lovan from Morningside Lutheran Church and Director of the Asian Ministries. It was a real honor to count with his participation and attendance. I had several pastors who in one way or another were participants on my ministry along the years. I received letters from Pastor Bill Bruggeman, from Pastor Bruce Nelson, and Barb Dejonge Overline. We showed three video messages. One from Pastor Mark Vander-Tuig, LCMC Service Coordinator, Kip Tyler Chair of the LCMC BOT, and from Pastor Juan Vazquez from Family of God Lutheran Church in Zapopan Jalisco. And the presence of our pastor in Rio Bravo Victor Barbosa. Also I was surrounded by friends and members of our congregations too.

Make out if this gathering a historic meeting. There were several recognitions for the congregations and pastors. In addition to that one of my members in my previous ministry from Saltillo Coahuila, Professor Gerardo Laguna a great Musician came to perform a few songs with another person using a piano and a Clarinet. As we ended we offer a great banquet to the people present. It was a magic evening and I give honor and Glory to our King Jesus.


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Two of our friends, Erran Miller and Mark Morrison, from Church of the Living Word in Hampton, Iowa came to visit us after seven years of absence.  They decided to come in spite of the warning not to visit Mexico.  We celebrated lots of time together with our youth and adults, worshiped together and had an awesome time together.  Our friendship is deeper now.  We are blessed.

Pastor Enrique