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MMI Summer News


Dear MMI friends. Receive my greetings and the greeting of our congregations as we prepare ourselves to start our Summer activities. Our pastors and their teams will start VBS this days. All the materials have been sent to Rio Bravo and Zapopan.

At the same time Pastor Enrique will be traveling to Minneapolis Area for a few days. He will attend the Board of Trustees meeting. Then he will spend a few days visiting friends and churches. As he travels back, he will attend the Texas District Convention. He will be a keynote Speaker and have a breakout. Then he will move on to Monterrey.
I am so honored to participate in gatherings or meetings that exalt Jesus and his kingdom. Please pray for me as I travel.

Greetings from Pastor Enrique Estrada

MMI Friends and partners in the expansion of the Gospel, I would like to greet you in the name that is above all names. This time let us declare together that Jesus our Savior is born.

Another year is gone and we continue sharing the News of Salvation in our ministry in Mexico. After these two decades of ministry we have experienced fully what it means to be a true Christian in an environment where people are more inclined to manifest a lifestyle that fits more to what the world requires than to what God teaches us in his word. To survive as a Christian in Mexico can be a difficult task. As in many other parts of the world Christianity is under the attacks of the enemy. We live on a very secularized world and each day is harder to express your faith without feeling that your approach is judgmental and old fashioned. So, we as a Lutheran Church in Monterrey, Guadalajara and Rio Bravo are committed to continue proclaiming the unaltered Gospel, keeping it as pure as we can.

Our objective since MMI was born has been to establish a Lutheran Church with a  different approach. As time passes I can see that our goal is being fulfilled. The ride has not been an easy one. On the way we lost people, we fail again and again. Now we are able to proclaim Jesus is Lord and that He has been with us along the way. The transformation of the people is more profound when we are able to help them to cope with their sins, when people recognize that they really need Jesus in their hearts and in their daily lives. Then they get the desire to live accordingly to what they believe now.

Pastor Enrique Estrada

MMI Christmas letter 2014