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Praying Petitions for the Ministry in Mexico

Please pray for the people of Mexico and the four congregations of Mission Mexico International…

…For peace at the border towns of Matamoros, Rio Bravo and Reynosa

…For our pastoral family in Rio Bravo that they may be safe

…For our retreat that we decided to change the location to Monterrey area because of violence in Rio Bravo

…For our church in Guadalajara now that they moved into a different location

…For the preparation for VBS during the summer and for means to get materials for VBS and shipping of the same

…For the teams that will be formed to serve during VBS

…For the youth in our congregations as they do social labor visiting people outside hospitals to feed and evangelise them, nursing homes and orphanages etc.

…For the wellbeing of our pastors and their families

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Greetings from Good Shepherd

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Greetings and Blessings!

Greetings and blessings to you from Good Shepherd in Rio Bravo!

Thank you all who have supported us in our ministry here in Mexico! This past year, in January, we repaired some damage to our church building and we installed the new floor. Our desire now is to focus on purchasing tables and chairs, so badly needed for all the activities at our church.

We are grateful for the sewing machines that have been brought to us. With these machines we have been able to provide sewing courses to our community. Our sewing classes provide a service to our colony. However, we also designate time to share the Gospel during the classes.

Through continued evangelization, we are finding people from other communities around us that are inviting others to be a part of the great family of God.

Every month we collect food boxes that we then share with families in great need. After sharing the pantry boxes with them we, then share the Gospel. Half way through the year we hold our Vacation Bible School for both children and adults. A celebration is held at the end of the week with certificates presented to all participants!

Our upcoming activities at Good Shepherd include our December celebrations, in particular the gift of the birth of Jesus Christ for the entire community of Rio Bravo.

For next year’s Holy Week, we will have our annual retreat in which we teach the true meaning of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. There are activities for all ages and we end our retreat time together on Saturday on the beach of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

We are also thankful for each trip from Larry and Gwen Seever. It’s an exciting time as, twice each year, their visits bring clothing to the community, the Good News of Salvation, and help making improvements to our church building.

Blessings from His collaborators in the Lord!

Pastor Victor, Lucy, Adriana, Santiago and Sebastian